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Melius means reliability, credibility and competency stemming from over two decades of initiatives and events promoting the Italian restaurant industry around the world. No other organizations have this heritage.

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We are proud to welcome Il Gattopardo Restaurant as one of the MELIUS World’s 100 Best Italian Restaurants!

Owned and directed by Gianfranco Sorrentino who operates it with his family and his talented team, Il Gattopardo is truly committed to produce topmost quality Southern Italian cuisine by using only authentic ingredients and keeping the tradition of Italian culture, and hospitality, vibrant and passionate.

Located - since 2001 - in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, in the Rockfeller Townhouses designed by Henry Hardenbergh (the same architect of the Plaza Hotel), Il Gattopardo is the so-called Millionaire’s row. Under the culinary direction of Master Chef Vito Gnazzo, Il Gattopardo serves to its loyal upscale New Yorker clientele traditional Southern Italian comfort food that has been adapted to the contemporary palate without however compromising on the authenticity or giving up the use of fresh ingredients.

Among its legendary dishes Il Gattopardo has the crisp-skinned baby chicken, simply grilled with rosemary and lemon and the home-made gemelli pasta with moscardini (baby octopus), black olives, capers, and cherry tomatoes. Simple and elegant executions that will remain in the memories of the lucky diners who chose this restaurant.

Among the classic favourites there is also the shaved artichoke salad with organic frisée, lemon, olive oil and bottarga di muggine (dried grey mullet row). Not to be missed the cassata Siciliana with its candied fruit and bright green almond paste.
“MELIUS - The World’s 100 Best Italian Restaurants” is committed to maintain authentic, high quality Italian cuisine and hospitality, in restaurants all around the world. Melius Restaurants respect Italian traditions, terroir and culture.


Welcome Frasca Shanghai! One of MELIUS World's Leading Italian Restaurants

Frasca is the modern casual Italian eatery at The Middle House Shanghai: a casual and inviting place where to enjoy some of the most pleasing and authentic Italian food available in Shanghai. Frasca is in Italian the hanging tree branch that eateries in old times put on their doors, to signify that they were open. Frasca Shanghai is instead the realm of Chef Marino D'Antonio who has an absolute dedication to the Italian culinary traditions and to simplicity. But hold on, don’t get misled: chef Marino has the same belief of Leonardo Da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and this is particularly true for Italian cuisine outside of Italy. The philosophy of the chef fully emerges from his heart-warming dishes in which both the quality ingredients and the time-honoured and genuine techniques of Italian cuisine do all the talking.

Hailing from Bergamo, Italy, Marino has more than 20 years’ experience in the epicurean world, having worked at top hotels, cruises and restaurants in Italy, the UK, France, Beijing and HongKong.

His classic specialties, as Spaghetti alla Chitarra Teramani, come from family recipe passed down through generations. “This is the dish my grandmother used to make for special celebrations only” Marino said.

Other dishes from the Italian tradition at Frasca are: La Milanese, pan-fried veal chop in aromatic bread; Costolette di agnello alla scottadito, wood-fired lamb chop marinated in garlic and rosemary; Linguine all’astice, verrigni linguine cooked with Boston lobster.

Ever evolving, Frasca’s beverage programme is deeply rooted in Italian tradition, giving contemporary appreciation for the classics, whilst smaller producers are still the focus.


WELCOME ORO one of the MELIUS World's 100 Best Italian Restaurants!

Oro Restaurant is by now an institution in Glasgow, the temple of authentic Italian cuisine directed by Domenico Crolla, talented restaurateur, creative food artist, Pizza Master chef and exceptional hospitality consultant-at-large.

Domenico took Oro over from his father, when it was still called Bella Napoli, a hackneyed name largely used by Italian migrants, often with no culinary background, when opened their restaurants around the world.

Domenico changed it in Oro (gold), and became the symbol of a change of mentality. Gold are also the standards at Oro. The menu has Italian classics as well as creative dishes but always respectful of the Italian traditions. In the menu some dishes have the names and the descriptions left by Domenico’s father, a tribute to the heritage of Italian migrants, but the execution and the flavour are truly authentic.

Oro’s delightful cuisine is matched by a smart wine list with a wide selection of Italian wines from all the regions and price range. The service is attentive, warm but not invasive, as in some Italian eateries.

The interior décor of the restaurant is futuristic with a prevalence of gold colours and marble. Gold is also the stunning pizza oven that is the centre of the restaurant. Domenico’s pizza are legendary and well deserve the gold, not only of the oven.


Authenticity, for sure, but integrity as well. True Leaders of Italian Cuisine in the World, like the ones in the picture, are above all honest and competent professionals, committed to both their customers and the genuine Italian culinary culture.

Their restaurants are already members of Melius - World’s Italian Leading Restaurants or have been pre-selected to be part of it.

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